Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions of Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. (the Company) are formulated and implemented for safeguarding rights and dignity of the Members while regulating conduct of business. In order to be an ethical Member of Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, you must understand and abide by the Terms & Conditions of the Company; any violation of the same can result in termination of your Member ID.The Company reserves the right to amend its Terms & Conditions without causing prior notice. You are expected to visit the Company’s website from time to time and keep yourself updated with latest Terms & Conditions.

1)    The applicant should be above the age of 18 years and holder of Permanent Account Number (PAN) under Section 139A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, Government of India. If applicant do not have the PAN, it is his/her responsibility to apply for the same & submit/upload as soon as he receives the same.
2)    The Company has absolute discretion to decide whether to accept or reject an application.
3)    A Member applicant must be Introduced by an existing Member having a USER ID.
4)    The applicant should submit/upload self-attested copy of his/her Photo ID proof, Address proof and a Passport size photograph along with the application. 
5)    Only one registration will be entertained for one applicant with one PAN & one Mobile No.
6)    In case of HUF, Partnership firms, LLP, Company, Society and Trust applicants,
a)    Registration shall be in the name of the legal entity. A copy of the constitution, deed, articles of the association along with certificate of institution/incorporation, as may be applicable for the entity and PAN card should be submitted along with the application form.
b)    Liability and entitlement of such entity is as per law of the land. All Incentives &  payments would be made by the Company in the name of the entity.
7)     The applicant agrees to act as the Member of the Company and for the products or class of products of Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
8)    Applicant is agreed to comply with Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd Member Rules.
9)    The Member shall not indulge in offering unwarranted benefits on the product or the Distribution plan of the company.
10)    The Member shall not misbehave with any public or pick up any argument with the customer.
11)    The Members are also eligible for sales incentives and bonuses for the sales made by his/her group as per prevailing Company rules and subject to the terms & conditions stipulated by the authorities from time to time.
12)    The Member shall not engage in the business of the companies dealing with similar products or similar nature of business.
13)    On receipt of monthly Incentive payments, Members should check accuracy of calculation. Any queries in this respect should be made within 14 days from the date of issuance of payout by the Company. In the absence of such queries the figures mentioned in the statement shall be final and binding.
14)    It is mandatory for the Members to provide their address and bank details in order to receive payouts and to avoid to withhold the payouts by the Company.
15)    It is being understood that Company retains the right to add or to remove specified products.
16)    The Company & Member’s relationship shall be that of seller and buyer and not that of principle and agent and the transaction is on principle to principle basis. Accordingly, the Member shall at No point hold himself out as an agent or Employee of the Company and Company shall not be responsible for any act omission or commission on the part of the Member.
17)    The Company shall have the right:
 (i)     To appoint other Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd Member in respect of all or any of the Products in the area in which the Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd is situated and operated as Company may deem expedient and necessary.
(ii)     To sell all or any of the Products to any other persons at any time in the said area to whom Company wishes to sell.
18)    The Member shall place the order with the Company for supply of the products along with payment only.
19)    Sales of the Products by the Company to the Member shall be subject to the terms & conditions of this Agreement.
20)    The Company shall be entitled to suggest Maximum Retail Price (MRP) in respect of the resale or disposal by the Member. The Member shall not charge in excess of the MRP.
21)    The Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd Member shall be qualified to incentive on basis of his Cadre Position Achievements as mentioned in the ‘Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd Distribution Plan’ circulated and updated from time to time. In case of conflict between the Agreement and “Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd Distribution Plan”, the “Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd Distribution Plan” shall prevail.
22)    The Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd Member shall be primarily responsible for markets/territories covered by his operation in order to provide prompt, equitable and effective distribution services to his customers. Such services may also include his undertaking sales promotion display, attending to trade complaints and other related activities and services required as may be advised by The Company from time to time on mutually agreed terms and conditions.
23)    However, the Company does not charge any renewal fee. Member ID is discontinued if the Member resigns and if the resignation is accepted by the Company. The Member ID is terminated by the Company if the Member does not conduct any Business with the Company for more than two years or for any violations of Company policies.
24)    Member shall not make claims other than what is mentioned in the Company’s plans and literature about products, quality and earnings.
25)    To avoid bulk buying, Company allows maximum monthly purchase upto Rs.15000/- MRP only by any User (Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd) in a particular month.
26)    If the product purchased by the Member/Customer is with manufacturing defects, the Company guarantees replacement. However, this guarantee does not extend to damages or contamination due to expiry, negligence or deliberate act.
27)    In case of any dissatisfaction, Member/Customer can return/exchange the product. He/She must contact the Shoppe/Company from whom they had purchased the same, within 30 days from the date of purchase. They have to provide a reason and return the said product along with the original invoice. In such cases, it is the Member’s obligation to satisfy the customer’s need for money refund or replacements of products.
28)    The Member can return the products, with original Invoice to the Company. The Company will replace these products free of cost or if the Member does not want the same products, the Company will give a product refund of the price paid as per the Product Return Policy of the Company deducting the VAT component in the invoice value in the event of Original Invoice missing.
29)    The Company provides a Buy Back Policy to the Member who wishes to resign from his/her Member ID and return any Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd products that are in good condition, useable, resale-able, restock-able, unopened, unaltered and must have a shelf life of at least six months.
30)    If the Member resigns within 30 days from the purchase of the products, Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd shall provide a full refund for the products to the Member.
31)    If the Member resigns from his/her Member ID, after the expiry of 30 days from the date of purchase of products from Flying Jet Online Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the amount refunded will be equal to Member cost of the products being returned, less total income paid out by the Company on the original purchase, less 10% service charge.
32)    The Buy Back policy is designed to impose upon the Introducer and the Company the obligation to ensure that the Member is buying products wisely.

33)The advance for the product of Rs5800 is Rs 3500 (During the Lockdown Period) and the rest amount of 2300 is to be paid within the span of 45 days after the payment of advance for the product . The company will make sure you also receive the product during 45 days with the completion of payment. If you fail to pay the rest amount within those 45 days you cannot raise any questions on the company regarding the issuance of the product even if you try to pay after the time span(45 days).

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