Commercial Pilot Ground (5 Months)


Airline pilots have a glamorous job, piloting large aircraft loaded with passengers all around the world. It takes a lot of training to get licensed to fly these aircraft. Pilots have a tremendous amount of responsibility and must make critical decisions in seconds. There is great amount of financial rewards a pilot can get when he works with stability and sincerity.


 An airline pilot’s job description is to safely fly an airline, but a pilot does much more than just fly. A typical day may start with the pilot using computer skills to check weather and flight plans. The plane must be pre-flighted and all aircraft logs reviewed. While flying, in addition to monitoring aircraft systems, the pilots must communicate with ATC.
 Practical learning


 The normal salary a pilot can gets in any airline is 1.0 lac to 5.0 lacs.


Eligibility: – minimum 12th (science, PCM) pass with minimum 50% marks.
His/her age must be at least 16 yrs.
He/she must pass fitness and eye test.
He/she must pass fitness and eye test.
Note: – the salary written in the courses are as per general survey. Salaries may vary time to time and as per airlines.